Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Financial Benchmarking Data for Small Chemical Companies

A Canadian Government’s website provides financial data for small Canadian chemical companies.  Click here to go to this website.  The data is based on reporting to the Canadian Government by approximately 2,000 chemical companies ranging in size form $30,000 (Canadian dollars) to $5 million in revenues.   Income statement data are provided, but not balance sheet data.   The average revenue for all companies is $816,900 and 72.4% of the companies are profitable.  The average gross profit margin percentage is 48.1 percent.

The Canadian site provides data for companies offering the following products: basic chemicals; resins, synthetic rubber, and artificial and synthetic fibers and filaments; pesticide, fertilizer, and other agriculture chemicals; pharmaceuticals and medicines; paints, coatings, and adhesives; and soap, cleaning, and toilet preparations.

The United States Census Bureau has income and balance sheet data for chemical companies with total assets less than $25 million.  Click here to go this data (pdf file).  Assets of less than $25 million suggest companies similar in size to the companies represented at the Canadian government site.  The US Census Bureau data includes balance sheet data, while the Canadian data does not.   However, the US income data does not include cost of sales, so that gross profit margin percentages cannot be computed.  The US data also report on chemical companies by product offerings.

Such financial data for smaller companies, as given by the Canadian and US governments, can be difficult to find.  This data can be valuable to smaller chemical companies interested in benchmarking their financial data to other similar-sized companies offering similar products.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Chemical and Metal Shortage Alert – October 2018

The purpose of this blog is to identify chemical and metal shortages reported on the Internet.  The sources of the information reported here are primarily news releases issued on the Internet.  The issue period of the news releases is October 2018.

Section I below lists those chemicals and metals that were on the previous month’s Chemical and Metal Shortage Alert list and continue to have news releases indicating they are in short supply. 
Click here to read the September 2018 Chemical and Metal Shortage Alert list.

Section II lists the new chemicals and metals (not on the September alert).  Also provided is some explanation for the shortage and geographical information.  This blog attempts to list only actual shortage situations – those shortages that are being experienced during the period covered by the news releases.  Chemicals and metals identified in news releases as only being in danger of being in short supply status are not listed.

Section I.  


Section II.   Shortages Reported in October not found on the Previous Month’s List

Adiponitrile – nylon 6,6:  global; production not keeping up with demand
Coal:  India; supply not keeping up with demand

Reasons for Section II shortages can be broadly categorized as: 

1.  Mining not keeping up with demand: none
2.  Production not keeping up with demand: adiponitrile
3.  Government regulations: none
4.  Sources no longer available: none
5.  Insufficient imports:  none
6.  Supply not keeping up with demand: coal