Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Future Important Chemical Company Capabilities

The graph below was created using Google’s graphing tools.

The graph shows the results of a 2011 survey, conducted by Accenture, on important capabilities that chemical companies need in order to succeed.

Two interesting conclusions can be reached about the results. First, that effectively managing feedstock supply chains was found to be the most important capability suggests the importance that raw material availability and costs will have on chemical industry success in the future.   Second, that business intelligence and analytics rate second (tied with product/service innovation) indicates the growing importance of the Internet and available online information and technology on decision-making in the chemical industry.

The 2011 Accenture survey was sent to readers of ICIS Chemical Business, mostly in Western Europe and North America.  Most of the respondents held general manager and higher positions in their companies.  The results of the survey can be read by clicking here.

Future Important Chemical Company Capabilities