Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Chemical and GDP Comparisons – USA to Brazil

The macroeconomic comparison between the USA and Brazil can vary depending on the data used.   For example, the USA chemical sales data in 2017 (based on my Internet research) ranges from $800 billion to $1 trillion, whereas in Brazil the range is from $100 billion to $175 billion.  This gives a chemical sales comparison that the USA is 6.5 times greater than Brazil’s ($900B/$137.5B)

However, for GDP, the USA is $18.57 trillion (2016) and Brazil, $1.79 trillion (2016), giving the USA 10.3 times ($18.57/1.79) greater GDP. 

These USA to Brazil comparisons using chemical sales and the GDP data suggest to me that Brazil’s chemical industry is one of its stronger industries since it compares much better to the US chemical industry than Brazil’s overall economy does to the USA’s overall economy (for the chemical industry, the USA is 6.5 times greater; but for GDP the USA is 10.3 times greater).

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