Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Relative Sales Performance Data for Some Pigment Classes

The following table presents recent (2015) sales and weight data for five pigment classes:

pigment class
weight in metric tons (mt)
average unit sales price
 $    4,500,000,000
 $ 25,714
dyes & organics
 $  15,000,000,000
 $    7,143
titanium oxide
 $  14,000,000,000
 $    2,000
iron oxide
 $    2,000,000,000
 $    1,000
carbon black
 $    1,200,000,000
 $    1,000
 $  36,700,000,000
 $    2,942

The sales and weight data are approximate (best estimated) amounts based on various sales and weight data associated with market and other reports on pigments found on the Internet.

Assuming the sales and weight data are approximately correct, I computed an average unit sales price ($ per mt) for each class.  The relative average unit sales prices, it seems to me, can be an indicator of technological and other challenges of bringing the classes to a demanding market.   And along with this, the relative average unit sales prices indicate the classes with expected higher gross profit margins (the higher the average unit sales price, the higher the expected gross profit margin).

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