Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The CPID Database – Identifies Hundreds of Personal Care and Other Retail Products and the Chemicals They Contain

A database called Consumer Product Information Database (CPID) contains brand names, manufacturers, and other details on hundreds of thousands of personal care, home maintenance, and other types of retail products.  Click here to access this database.  This database, maintained by DeLima Associates, seems to be an excellent source of information for companies on their United States competitors’ products.  A primary purpose of the database is to identify chemicals contained in products and also known health affects of the chemicals contained in the products.

For a listing of personal care products, at the home page, click product type along the top bar menu.  Then select personal care in the left drop down menu.  In the next drop down menu to the right, select one of the personal care categories, such as personal cleanliness.  This will provide is list of products that US manufacturers market as providing personal cleanliness.  On the list that is generated, click on the product name of interest to find details on that product.  Details include: manufacturer and the product’s chemical ingredients.

Personal care is one of 10 product types.  Other product types include: automotive; commercial/institutional; hobby/craft; home inside; home maintenance; home office; landscaping/yard; pesticides; and pet care.   Each product type is further divided into categories. As mentioned above, for the personal care product type, one category is personal cleanliness.  Some other personal care categories are:  bath/shower; oral hygiene; and shaving cream.  

The database can be searched by a specific product name to find detailed information (e.g. manufacturer and chemical ingredients) for that product.

This consumer product database strikes me as immense and useful in terms of the details provided on thousands of retail products containing chemicals.   The database should be useful in providing a company details on the products marketed by the company’s competitors.

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