Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2013 Approximate Sales and CAGRs for 10 Food Additives

An intensive Internet search was conducted to find information providing 2013 sales data and compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) for food additives.  Several market reports were found providing such data.

The chart below shows the sales and CAGR data that were found for 10 food additives, identified in the chart.  The data should be considered to be approximate estimates.  For some data, different sales and CAGR estimates were found, suggesting difficulties in exactly determining the actual data.

The CAGRs are expected annual sales growth rates for the next five years.  Again, the CAGRs should only be considered to be approximate, with many factors potentially altering the growth rates.

The data is presented by marketing research companies in information on the Internet while promoting in-depth reports on the food additive industry that the marketing companies are selling.   Because of the efforts made by these marketing research companies in preparing these reports, which cost several thousand dollars, it is likely that the estimated sales and CAGR data are as accurate as can be found on the Internet, or elsewhere.

It seems to me that knowing the relative sales and sales growth magnitudes of these 10 food additives could be useful in company decision-making.  Also, knowing that the total sales for all 10 food additives in 2013 were approximately $43 billion, if the estimates for the sales data are reasonably close, should be useful.

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