Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Benchmark for a Country’s Chemical Industry Productivity

A European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) report (click here to go to the report – PDF file) gives total 2011 chemical sales for several countries.  These total sales apparently represent an estimated total revenue amount that products produced by the country’s chemical industry generated in 2011.

Using the data in the CEFIC report (and for a few countries, data from other sources), a chemical products sales amount per person amount was computed using 2011 country population data. World Bank 2011 population data was used.  Click here to see this data.

The computed results were then used to generate the graph shown below.

So, what might the chemical sales per person for a country show?  Perhaps one demonstration is a comparison of the “robustness” of a country’s chemical industry productivity.

Also, the chemical products sales per person amount can be used as a benchmark for improvement.  For example, if by 2015, India has a $288 per person amount, a conclusion would be that India’s chemical industry has made progress in becoming more productive.

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