Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Data and Statistics on the US Chemical Industry at US Government Websites

The US Government has significant amounts of data and statistics on the US chemical industry posted at various websites.  In the next few blogs, I will identify some of the data and statistics available at these US Government sites.  This first blog will start with some of what is available at the Environmental Protection Agency.  Then later blogs will cover the Census Bureau and other US Government departments and agencies.

At this portal (click here), EPA provides links to performance and other data related to the chemical manufacturing sector.   Although EPA does not update the performance information available, what is available should serve as a good benchmark for recent chemical industry performance data and trends.

This site also serves as a good starting point for connecting to EPA compliance and other information for the chemical industry and for connecting to non-EPA sites, judged by EPA as important in some way to users seeking information on the US chemical industry.

This EPA site is one of several US Government sites which offer a good starting place for finding data and statistics about the chemical industry.  In my next blog, the US Census Bureau will be covered.

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