Thursday, May 14, 2015

What Companies Write About Their Energy Storage Interests in their 10Ks

Using WordsAnalytics (click here to read about WordsAnalytics), I did a search of company 10Ks using the search term “energy storage”.  I did this to identify companies that have interests in energy storage and to read about these interests (e.g., projects, business activities, affects of energy storage on their businesses, etc.)

Here are 21 companies that I found with business interests in energy storage.  Provided with the company names are very brief summaries indicating the company's energy storage interests.

Abakan - nano-engineered particle-based solutions for energy storage and release

AES - runs battery-based energy storage systems, with 228 MW in operation or under construction

Albemarle - lithium-based energy storage products

Altair Nanotechnologies - nano lithium titanate batteries for use in energy storage systems (biggest market, electric grid)

Biosolar - low cost polymer-based components for electrical energy storage; polymer-based supercapacitors

Calgon Carbon - activated carbon uses in energy-storage applications

China Sun Group High Tech - produces cobaltosic oxide and lithium iron phosphate – both cathode materials for lithium batteries

Dow Chemcial - formulated electrolytes for lithium batteries in energy storage applications

FluxPower Holdings - advanced energy storage systems

FMC - lithium-based energy storage products

FuelCell Energy - solid oxide fuel cells for energy storage applications

Graftech International - primary graphite powders for use in energy storage applications

Highpower International - lithium and nickel metal hydride batteries for energy storage applications

PNM Resources - runs a 500 KW energy storage project, featuring one of the largest combinations of battery storage and PV solar energy; involves research and development of smart grid concepts

Polypore - membranes that separate cathodes and anodes for both lithium and lead acid batteries

Solar City  -  solar energy storage systems for back-up power, time-of-use energy arbitrage, rate arbitrage, peak demand shaving, and demand responses

Sunpower - distributed energy storage sites, comprising batteries, power electronics, and multiple energy inputs controlled by cloud-based software

Tesla - energy storage products for backup power, peak demand reduction, demand responses, and wholesale electric market services

Ultralife - lithium batteries for grid-connected energy storage

Xiangtian - proprietary compressed air energy storage power generation technology, powered by renewable energy sources

ZBB Energy - utility grid and building energy storage and power control products and systems 

More details can be found on the above products and services in the companies’ 10Ks. 

Based upon the searching described above, here are some conclusions:

1.  More and more states require or are considering requirements that electricity-generating utilities implement energy storage systems.  These states include:  California; New York; Texas; Hawaii; and Washington.   These requirements, and what seems to me to be obvious consensus in technology and policy communities, suggest the importance of energy storage systems in an overall program in lessening fossil fuel usage (and accordingly decreasing carbon dioxide emissions);
2.  This increasing demand for energy storage systems is reflected in the list of companies above, as well as in many private companies that are offering energy storage products and services; and

3.  Much of the technology needed for these energy storage systems (and for their improvements) is chemical technology, which is reflected in the many chemical companies identified above.

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